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Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympics Tickets...

It's tickets! It's madness! It's ticket madness! For seven years I have been looking forward to this day - the start of the Olympics Games. And as you can see, London 2012 has done nothing to sate my mania for buying tickets! I bought them all in the last month or so when they went on general sale. Last year I go one event in the ballot - just beach volleyball.

Last night I was too excited about Olympics to sleep. I was lying awake for hours. It's a once in a lifetime event. And the eyes of the world on our fair city.

In 1948 my grandfather bought a block of ten seats for ten days. My mother went down with my aunt every day after school. She said it was the most amazing thing of her childhood and helped her forget about the war. I remember her telling me that story when I was a child and thinking that I'd have done anything to have been there with her at that time.

As her 75th birthday present I'm taking her to the athletics at the Olympic Stadium on 9th Aug so she can see the same event she saw when she was a girl watching in White City all those years ago.

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