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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Arsenal 1-0 Stoke...

Paul and I went to the game last night as usual. We were playing Stoke at home. We didn't play the best game ever and what with Theo Walcott twisting his ankle so being out of the Cup Final on Sunday and Cesc Fabregas hurting his hamstring it wasn't a good night all in all. Except the result of course. Sebastien Squillaci popped it in the net after a nice cross from Nicklas Bendtner. We're now one point behind leaders Man U - who admittedly have a game in hand and slightly better goal difference.

The pantomime villain of the night was of course Ryan Shawcross. He got booed at every opportunity. On 27th February 2010 his attempted "tackle" broke both the tibia and fibula of Arsenal's Aaron Ramsey and resulted in a sending off. Immediately after the game the world and his wife rushed to Shawcross's defence - er, why? - saying "he's not that sort of player". Right. Yet those same people describe him as "a committed player". Like there's a difference between a committed tackle and a reckless tackle. Scum.
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