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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Arsenal 2 - 1 Barcelona...

Last night Paul, Simon and I went to the match. It was the 1st leg of our Champions League against Barcelona FC - the 'best club in the world.' Ha. Or so they thought.

They had super-troupers in sky over the Emirates Stadium prior to kick-off. The club had really pulled out all the stops including red and white flags on every seat. The odds were against us. I was crossing everything (including the road).

It started well but we were soon outplayed. Villa scored and we were 1 - 0 down at half time. The bookies then lengthened the odds of our come-back to as much as 16-1. Things weren't looking good. Alex Song was making sterling efforts (and got booked for his trouble). Cesc Fabregas was excelling but getting closed down by their total football approach. And Lionel Messi was always threatening.

But towards the end of the second half, miracle upon miracle, it happened. Largely against the run of play came two goals - Robin Van Persie in the 78th minute and five minutes later from Andrey Arshavin. Wondrous goals both. So we pulled back from the misery of 1 nil down to the ecstasy of being 2-1 up. My flabber had never been to gasted. My heart was pounding for hours afterwards. I was beaming ear to ear.

Neat idea for a celebration after scoring against Barca. Audrey Arshavin has a shirt with himself on it.

Now we have to go to the Nou Camp and hold on for another 90 nail-biting minutes. I don't hold out much hope - but some!
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