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Monday, April 12, 2010

Sky's 3D TV Service...

Sky's 3D TV service has gone live, broadcasting live Premier League games. But in which pubs can you watch the matches? Sky has put its promised pub search site on line now, allowing footie fans to key in their post codes and get a list of - hopefully - nearby pubs they can visit to view the action.


My nearest ones are frighteningly near; The Junction in Corsica Street and Slug and Lettuce on Islington Green.

So yesterday Mark and I went along to The Junction to try it out. Manchester United were playing Blackburn. It cost £5 to rent the glasses (all goes to charity apparently) and £5 deposit. The image was OK-ish I suppose. A bit like looking out of as smallish window at the touchline. It gave me a headache after a while so I don't think we'll be rushing back any time soon.

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