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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Weekend...

At primary school on Monday mornings we used to have to sit at our little desks and write a tale of what we'd done over the previous weekend. It was called 'composition class' and the piece was always called the same thing; 'My Weekend'.

Friday evening: Out for drinks with Stu and his wheelchair chums in Warwick Avenue - nice guys, nice bar, nice time
Friday later on: Shake Your Tail Feather - Darren's monthly night just gets busier and busier. Great fun.
Friday still later on: Tonker - bumped into Dilwyn which is always a pleasure. Otherwise the club was a yawn.

Saturday afternoon: Duchess Of Kent in Liverpool Road for beers with Paul, Ali and Tom - they need to sort that smokey barbeque out though (cough, cough)
Saturday early evening: Arsenal vs Man City at the Emirates - we drew 0-0 but laughed and teased Adebayor a lot. Tee hee.
Saturday later evening: South Bank for eats at Las Iguanas and then to BFI for beers with Kerry, Shei and Ange - love them Essex girls

Sunday afternoon: Pub lunch with Andy, Kev, Darren and Stu - The Alwyne Castle; slow service but nice food
Sunday late afternoon: Ten Plagues a work-in-progress at The Royal Court with Paul, David, Joao and Darren - dressed in black Marc Almond et al were singing about the great plague. Needs more work done on it as was a bit boring. Marc's comic turn singing The Wig being the high point though.
Sunday evening: Back to the pub with Andy, Kev and Stu - the Hen and Chickens is fast becoming my favourite boozer.

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