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Thursday, April 22, 2010

McAfee Screws Many of the World's Computers (and Itself)...

Ask most IT admins, computer technicians or power users which virus programs you should avoid, and the big two retail boxed options - Norton and McAfee - will usually be the first two words out of their mouths. In the enterprise, however, the situation is very different. Symantec and McAfee still have pretty strong reputations and a loyal customer base. Or they did.

In McAfee's case that reputation took a pretty big hit yesterday thanks to a major false positive. Their latest updated .dat file wrongly placed svchost.exe in the crosshairs and pulled the trigger rendering tens of thousands of corporate machines dead in the water.

Yes, McAfee has released a fix but it's one that has be applied hands-on at each affected computer. OK, only Windows XP computers seem to be affected but that still a hell of a lot of computers. That's going to create serious pains-in-the-ass for loads of admins and technicians around the globe and pissed off admins are never averse to switching software when it decides to create a titanic load of extra work for them.

So it's bye, bye McAfee. You won't be missed.

Fix here.

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