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Friday, May 29, 2009

Why Did PSB's Yes *Not* Reach Number One?...

The Pet Shop Boys recent album Yes reached #4 in the UK album charts on March 29, 2009. This was the Pet Shop Boys' highest placing since their 1996 album Bilingual. All well and good. It's a great album and it deserved a high chart placing.

However early sales figures had predicted that the album would actually enter at #1, but a series of blunders by record label Parlophone rendered a number of sales ineligible for the chart. These included allowing 2,500 copies of the album to be bought digitally online three days before release date, as well as stock level problems with a number of suppliers, which affected sales and chart placement.

To add insult to injury Parlophone screwed up on some of the booklets that shipped with the Yes etc. double CD set - it had pages in the wrong order. EMI have set up a website for people affected by this to claim a new booklet. Which did work for me.

So PSB have been cheated out of a #1 album by their own record label. They should cause a pandemonium.

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