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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Here are my top ten tips on how to get a good night's sleep.

1. Bath - have warm bath before bed. It's the drop in body temperature that actually brings on sleep.
2. Bedroom - only use the bedroom for sleep. Go to bed and get up at the same each day.
3. Nap - it you want to and work allows it. But for an hour and between 2pm-5pm only.
4. Snoring - over the counter remedies can help. My preferred one is Breathe Right
5. Coffee / Alcohol - avoid both at least four hours before bedtime. Coffee is a stimulant so will keep you awake and alcohol may help you fall asleep but not to stay asleep.
6. Light - keep curtains drawn at night. A good way to wake up is to use blue light; it reduces melatonine (sleep) levels.
7. Food - simple rule: carbs make you sleepy, protein keep you more alert. Don't eat four hours before bed.
8. Jetlag - starve yourself on the flight so your normally dormant hunger clock dominates your body clock. Then eat at normal time to reset body clock. Job done.
9. Stress - tense and release the body muscles one group at a time helps you relax. It works for me and I can get to sleep within minutes.
10. Herbs - lavendar and valerian may help you relax. Use them in that bath I mentioned earlier.


  1. Anonymous8:21 am

    whats happened? seriously - just use the bedroom for sleep? what kind of advice is that? are you trying to kill people's sex lives? these feel like that BBC programme and its tips regurgitated back to us.

  2. 10 steps!!?? You gotta be kidding!! Substitute my ONE tip and sleep is absolutely guaranteed:

    1. Nitrazepam

    As you say, 'Job done'. Only quicker my way.


  3. Sex? In the bedroom? How 1980s! :)


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