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Friday, May 08, 2009

Star Trek...

Sparky treated me to a night at the movies last night. And not just any old movie. It was the rebooted, revisited, JJ Abrams's prequel Star Trek at the IMAX.

We both loved it.

The screening... as it was a preview the cinema was packed with geeks (many of them gay) who all duly switched off their iPhones at the last minute (mainly Facebook and Twitter we noticed)

The plot... fresh from Starfleet Academy, James T. Kirk, Spock, and the rest of the Enterprise crew must stop Nero, a Romulan from the future whose quest for vengeance threatens the entire universe.

Set phasers to... post-modern script, very funny (no really), painfully good-looking and deeply sexy cast, 1960s highly-colourised styling

For the fans... in-jokes aplenty, faithful to (but not constricted by) creator Gene Roddenberry's canon.

For the neo-fans... assumes no previous knowledge, looks a bit like Cloverfield meets Starship Troopers meets X-Files meets Batman TV series

Sequel... two are due. Can't wait.


  1. Er, did you really spend you third anniversary with another man??? LOL
    Jonathan how could you? ;-)
    Happy anniversary to you both.
    So are you coming to see the film again on the 18th? I am not a ST fan (what do they call them?) so I am wondering whether I will enjoy it?

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  3. Having the least ronmatic b/f in the world means that me going out on our anniversary is a no-brainer! :)

    Actually we are celebrating on Saturday so it's a pleasure deferred.

    Yes, I'm coming to see it again on the 18th. I think you'll enjoy it as a non-fan though. It's a bit Bev Hills 90210 so there's plenty of eye-candy. Did I mention Chris Pine's bulge? ;)


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