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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Laurie Anderson Homeland...

On Friday night Paul and I went to see the truly wonderful Laurie Anderson at the Barbican Theatre. She was performing her new Homeland show. A show that has caused some controversy (does condemnation of the US invasion of Iraq still count as controversy these days?) with some people walking out. Hah! Screw them!

It was an emotional, heartfelt piece; at times angry and biting and at times satirical and witty. So the usual Laurie then. A gifted story teller we were treated to her reflections on memory, history, the stars, the war and billboard underwear models. The songs were beautiful, funny and one or two akin to club anthems. She all but got us dancing at one point. Her tape-bow violin solo as an encore made both Paul and I cry so tender was it.

Last month, Laurie Anderson married long term partner Lou Reed. "I was just walking down a street in California and I was talking to Lou, and we were always talking about getting married, and he said 'how about tomorrow? It was very nice. It was just him and me under a tree." Bless.

On Saturday afternoon Paul and I went to see Laurie again. This time a collection of her short films (including O Superman, Sharkey's Day, Language is a Virus and Beautiful Red Dress) and her new film Hidden Inside Mountains. She also gave a screen talk and took questions from the audience. She is as witty and enigmatic in the flesh as she is on stage or in film.

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