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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Well, it's been a fun few days in Sitges.

Having recovered from the flight we got a swift taxi to Simon and Paul's place, dropped off our bags and headed out to see Simon in Bears Bar. We saw our German friend Rene on the way. We just stayed for a couple, bumping into Rod, Frank and Jim.

We had a bit of a lie in and then popped out for some posh brekkie at Al Forno Café. We had to leg it to the supermarket to get stocked up with supplies for later (shops in Spain always seem to be just about to close just when you want them to stay open). Then Stu and I went to the nudist beach in town (not that we stripped off you understand being the shy, and let's not forget pale, English boys that we are). We bumped into Marcus who had been there since eleven and settled our newly bought mats and sun brolly next to the lovely Marc, Bernd, Rene and Tomas. We chatted, swam and read our books soaking in the warm sun and equally warm company. Later that evening we decided to both curl up on the sofa with a good bottle of wine rather than undo all that good in a bar crawl.

We got up early, cooked ourselves breakfast and headed to the supermarket to stock up for lunch. In true British style we were planning to cook a big roast on a hot day. So we had a fun afternoon preparing the veg while watching Arsenal thrash Portsmouth. The roast was pretty scrumptious though I say so myself. The girls were coming in from Barcelona later so full of good cheer we headed off to the beach to meet them. Emma, Moo, Georgie, Nerylene, Ping and Meco were all there. We went for lesbian beers and then posh nosh on the front. Stu was particularly taken with the black paella (squid ink, yuck!). We rounded off the lovely evening with a bevy or two in XXL.

Paul had arrived the previous night so after breakfast in Al Forno Café he, Stu and I went for a walk along the front. Down on the gay beach we bumped into Marc, Bernd, Rene, Tomas et al. Later that evening we headed up into the hills to the Germans' gorgeous apartment for a barbecue. We had a great time - they are all such lovely guys and they couldn't have made us feel more welcome.

We had another lie in. It's really hot here and unfortunately Stu hasn't been sleeping too well. Added to this we discovered that Stu is allergic to cats! And Simon and Paul have two very long haired moggies. So we've been dosing him up with antihistamines on top of everything else for the past few days. It's just been nice lots of nothing here actually so lazy days here have been the norm. In the evening we did head out for happy hour at Al Horno though. Rammed into a tight space with gorgeous bears and cheap booze? What's not to like? Back to the apartment for cava sangria we were joined by Marcus before we all went out for Argentinean steaks at Buenos Aires. Lovely.

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