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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lofty Notions...
I moved to my flat about ten years ago and something that's always been in the back of my mind is to get a loft conversion. What with urban life being what it is there's always the need for more space. As sadly I don't have a garden I can't extend backwards there are but two choices; move or expand upwards.

I had thought about moving but to be honest I like it where I live. I'd be hard pushed to afford one the houses in my area and I'm not sure I want the hassle of moving. Mind you having the builders in for three months (that's three builders 'months') may not be the easy or sanest option either.

Anyways, the folks next door, Simon and Annabel, are getting their loft done so I decided to do the same. Islington Planning application forms aren't the easiest to navigate and I need much help from my friendly neighbours. But guess what? Last week I got approval with conditions. So next step is to try and work out what all the conditions mean ("fenestration treatment" anyone?) and get someone round to quote.

Then there's the months of dust and scraping around to pay for it. 'Deep breaths', 'eye on the prize' and all that.


  1. mate. just means you need to get your windows sorted out. innit ;o)

  2. I guess that should have been obvious, what with the word for wiondow being fenĂȘtre and Fenster in French and German respectively!


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