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Friday, September 21, 2007

The Artist formerly known as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince...
Tonight we've got tickets to go to the last night of TAFKATAFKAP. I've not been to the Dome O2 (apart from a brief look round in 1999 while it was being built) before so that should be fun. And everyone says the gig is fun so that'll be good too. Bet he goesn't play my favourite Prince track though... Mountains (which seems to have been all but deleted from his back catalog).

Update: the tickets fell through so we didn't get to see him. D'oh!


  1. He played a bit of Mountains in his second encore (after the stage lights had come up and half the crowd had left) when I saw him last week, although I don't think he's played it most nights, so it is possible!

  2. Cool. Thanks for letting me know. I'll wait until the bitter end then!

  3. Anonymous7:38 pm

    Jonathan, you lovely man, "Mountains" is spookily one of my faves, too. Although my absolute favourite has to be "She´s Always In My Hair" (bet he didn´t play that). Do tell us what you made of the last night. A friend of mine was at the aftershow party where Prince duetted with Amy Winehouse and said that lots of people were in tears, as it was all too brilliant.


  4. He played She's always in my Hair when I went to see him - it's one of my favourites too. He did lots of quite obscure stuff including other b-sides (Erotic City, Irresistible Bitch)


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