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Friday, September 07, 2007

The fun has continued in Spain although now we are ready to come home. We are currently sitting at Barcelona airport staring at a large 'Endarrerit/Retrasado' sign at our gate. Which I'm guessing ain't good news.

We decided to spend the day in Barcelona itself. We got the train to Gracia and walked down to the main square. We rambled down Las Ramblas, wandered around the Royal Square and went up on the roof of the main cathedral. Then we sat on the top deck of a tourist bus and took in the delights of Gaudi's architecture including the Sacra Familia and the parks to the north. Suitably tour guided out we met us with Moo and have coffee and beers in a café and indulged in the favourite Spanish pastime of people watching. We headed back to Sitges early for pizza and bed.

The last day of our holiday we took it easy. A wander down to the beach and a spot of lunch. We bumped into Patrick in El Horno happy hour, had a great steak at Buenos Aires and an early night.

Up at 7am we were packed and at the airport nice and early...

That 'Endarrerit/Retrasado' sign still hasn't shifted so looks like we may be here from some time yet.

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