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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Kylie - Showgirl: Homecoming Tour...

**Warning: Plot Spoilers**

It was an oddly titled (and at times oddly costumed) show but what a fab time I had last night treating Stuart to a night of Kylie in not-so-glitzy North London's Wembley Arena.

At times Kylie looked a little tired - but hey, we can forgive here that as she's just come out of chemo. And at times her costuming was frankly bizarre - way to many feathers, feathers, feathers. But those minor quibbles aside, it was an amazing show. There was superb staging with hidden entrances and exits all over the place. Great sound and great lighting. The choice of songs was well up to par - all the favourites and a newy penned by the Scissor Sisters. We even had a bit of Over The Rainbow (a nod to Eva Cassidy?), Yazz and The Plastic Population's The Only Way Is Up and Madonna's Vogue (along with a fabulous Bob Fosse version of Locomotion). However for me the triumph of the night was the main encore: Dr Who composer Murray Gold's music accompanying Cybermen pouring onto the stage shouting "DELETE, DELETE" breaking into Can't Get You Out Of My Head. Inspired.


  1. I had a pizza with Murray Gold a few years ago, in Soho. It was paid for by the Daily Mail. And that is all I shall say, in order to retain an air of mystery. Very nice man.

  2. I seemed a nice guy on the Dr Who musical show too. Love his music. So come on... what was he like?

  3. Anonymous2:50 pm

    YOU seemed a nice guy? Oooh, get you, Narcissus! What were you doing on the Doctor Who musical show anyway? Are you a musician now? (ROFL!)

    Okay then, it was after the press screening for the first two eps of the first Queer As Folk series. They were screened in a cinema in Soho, then several of us were taken to a v. expensive pizza place (I know that sounds like a contradiction, but it was Soho..) by the Daily Mail's TV critic, who was surrounded by controversy later, because she loved QAF and said so on the TV pages, but that wasn't exactly the editorial line that the paper was taking! I sat between Murray Gold and Peter O'Brien (off of Neighbours) and chatted to both of them. Far too much wine was drunk, so I don't remember specifics of the conversations, but they were both very friendly and chatty.

  4. Oops. *He* seemed a nice guy on the Dr Who musical show... I saw him on TV just before Xmas. The Doctor Who Confidental Concert for Children In Need.


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