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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Catch-Up TV...

Did you see Torchwood on Sunday? Oh. My. God. The warning of explicit gore at the start was dead right. It was called Countrycide and it was gruesome. And the fruity language made us gasp. The BBC do horror very well. Watch the repeat on Wednesday at 9pm on BBC2 if you dare.

Then there was the new season of Lost. Fab. Fab. Fab. After such a disappointing Season 1 ending and a completely fabulous Season 2 I wasn't quite sure if I could stomach the move from E4 / Channel 4 to Sky. But I needn't have worried. The first double episode of Season 3 was a corker. And "Downtown" was fabulous. Drew is hooked too now. So there goes the next 26 weeks.


  1. Yes, I did see Torchwood, and the BIG question is: how the hell does Ianto still have a job? He should be gone, surely? He didn't miss a deadline; he was cultivating the end of the human race ON WORK PROPERTY and IN WORK TIME! Why has he not been sacked, or at least faced a tribunal? :-)

  2. Good point! And in Countrycide when they were playing that "who did you last have a kiss with?" game I thought he was going to say Jack. 'Cos they had a snog in Cyberwoman.


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