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Monday, November 27, 2006

This Charming Man...

Our last afternoon in Marrakech was an eventful one. Simon got draped in snakes by a snake charmer. I'm none to keen on them myself so didn't take too kindly to him trying to sneak one round my neck. The swine.

We settled for lunch in a posh hotel by a pool where we bumped into the blond one from Hippies/Green Wing.

About mid afternoon we were collected by our taxi and hurtled on the three hour assault course that is the road to Essaouira. It was like sitting on a pneumatic drill inside a tumble dryer speeding at 80 miles an hour through a desert while trying to dodge mid-'road' goats. Best done with eyes firmly closed.

Arrive we did though and checked in to our spacious riad. I had the roof terrace with a commanding view of the port and beach.

Today we walked around the port itself, checked out the salty seamen and walked the ramparts.

More exploring tomorrow no doubt.

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