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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


How Can I Love You Moor...

Essaouira is a nice place but I wouldn't exactly say that there's a lot to do. We'd done the port. We'd done the ramparts (Orson Welles shot Othello there in 1949 dontchaknow?) We'd done the souks and we'd done the Medina. We'd even done the wretched Mellah. So what else was there to do? Oh yes. I know... Let's go quad biking. And we did. Three bum-numbing hours of it. On road and off, down track, up hill, down slope, through rough river, onto scrub land, over beach and into the desert. And very fast it was too. I actually managed to get all four wheels off ground (twice) over some dunes. Just like the banana splits. Great fun.

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