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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Loving the new Scissor Sisters album Ta-dah. I might even go as far as to say it's better than their first album. Oh and by the way, there is a limited edition of Ta-Dah with an extra second CD called Ta-Dah! [Limited Edition] (love that extra "!") that's worth getting. (And just to be confusing the import version of the album also has that extra "!" too so make sure you get the limited edition with the extra CD)


  1. It gets better with each passing day, doesn't it? I blathered on about it at extreme length on Saturday over at mine, and generally stick by what I said then - except that I've since discovered that it works rather well played in reverse order (thanks to the iTunes "Recently Added" playlist for that), as you get the lyrically happier songs first. Incidentally, my copy is no exclamation mark plus one bonus track: Transistor. Surprised that the exclamation mark is added elsewhere, as Jakes makes it clear on their Myspace page that its omission was deliberate...

  2. Anonymous9:46 am

    I am very disappointed in the latest album. But that's because I have never liked the "Take Your Mama Out" side of the Scissor Sisters - I've always wished they'd do more electronic disco stuff like "Comfortably Numb". Ta Dah is full of Elton pastiches (and Elton John himself). I'll give it another couple of listens, but I can't imagine myself listening to it in a month's time.

  3. The missing exclamation mark has only been added by Amazon, I think, probably because they know it should be there, but I can't see it on any of the packaging. The Myspace page is written by someone with the punctuation skills of a small child, so shouldn't be taken too seriously. Jake is just trying to make excuses after the graphics people cocked up. You can see Popjustice's corrected version of the sleeve (and more ranting from me) on my blog from 18/09/06.

  4. PS. I'd like to talk about the music, rather than the sleeve, but my limited edition version, ordered at the weekend, has only left the warehouse today, apparently. :-(

  5. The limited edition version - in my hot little hand as we speak - is great (more electro disco than the rest of the CD, David) but a bugger to open. It's in weird packaging supposed to open like lift doors but defied my best endeavours for 20 minutes.


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