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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dancing In The Streets...

Last night I took Stu to see Dancing In The Streets at the Playhouse Theatre in London glitzy West End.

We'd been meaning to do to the show, now in it's "2nd sensational year", for a while and it lived up to all our expectations. It was slick, energetic and thoroughly modest in it's aspirations. It simply had a cast of a dozen singers taking it in turns to dress up and sing Motown classics (Marvelettes, Supremes, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, Four Tops, Temptations etc.) A sort of Stars In Your Motown Eyes. We clapped. We sang. We were dancing in the seats. Great fun.

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  1. Were the weird, obsessive women still there? I went about 6 months ago. There was a row of woman near the front of the audience. Their heckling of the compere was really noticeable, as was their whooping and cheering. The compere eventually asked them to shut up for the enjoyment of all present.

    He spoke to them like he knew them, as though they had been coming everyday for a month.

    Most odd, indeed.


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