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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Heading South...

Last night Stu treated me to Vers Le Sud (english title: Heading South) at The Screen On The Green. It starred the rather sexy/usually plays villainesses/I want my money back if she doesn't get her kit off Charlotte Rampling (ex-Mrs Jean-Michel Jarre).

The film is set in Haiti in the late 1970's. Three lonely women of a certain age are there as sex tourists indulging their carnal desires without shame, thanks to handsome local young men to whom they pay a few dollars or buy gifts. The women don't really care for the poverty or dictatorship around them. They just want a bit of Haitian lovin'. Especially from a certain chappy known as Legba. Love triangle alert!

Sadly the film was actually a bit dull. The three leads were charming enough slipping from English to French and back again but the bit players were just that. Bitty. A good performanace by one would be ruined by the hammy performance of another. And this rather let the film down. You didn't feel there was any sense of fate or destiny propelling you to the final twist. Shame really. As the scenery looked amazing.

As a side note: Whenever I hear Charlotte Rampling mentioned I can't help but remember Kiki and Herb's rant "This is Charlotte Rampling On The Line!"

Before the film we had had a swifty (or two ) in The Green and taken advantage of Wagamama's free main course offer in the back page of this week's Time Out (worth £9-95 so worth buying the magazine for that alone, punters).


  1. Anonymous8:54 am

    Wee gift for red-head admirer. Spotted on a blog. Not particularly worksafe. You're welcome!



  2. Thanks Bongo. Very nice indeed. But of course nowhere near as cute as my man :))


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