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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Dennis Bergkamp : The Non-Flying Dutchman...

On Saturday Paul and I took up our seats in the spanking new Arsenal Emirates Stadium for the first match to be played there - Dennis Bergkamp's Testimonial (all the money goes to chaireetie, dontchaknow?). Dennis Bergkamp shirt number is 10 - hence the event was called DB10. Waiting for us in our seats were flags, a glossy brochure and t-shirts; red, white or orange. When everyone in the stadium put them on there were giant red stripes, giant white stripes and orange letters spelling out DB10 at one end and ICEMAN (his nickname) at the other. The match itself was rather secondary. Dennis played throughout though. In the first half Arsenal 'First' team were playing Ajax 'A' team but without any of the players who had played in the World Cup - they were still 'resting'. In the second half Arsenal Legends (including old boys Ian Wright, Patrick Viera, David Seaman et al) played Ajax Legends (including the sublime Johann Cruyff) It was an amazing feeling walking into the stadium and into our seats. One I'll not forget in a very long time. Needless to say I took loads of pix. Some you can see below.

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