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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Europride 2006...

Last Saturday was Gay Pride Europride 2006 in London and what a scorcher it was. Stu and I started the day off at Frank and Rod's place with 40 or 50 fellow revellers for a pre-Pride breakfast of champagne and bagels. At 1pm we all headed off (festooned with pink helium filled balloons) to Regents Street to watch the parade. It was the first time I remember it going down Oxford Street and Regents Street and very nice it was too. The parade took about two hours to pass so by the end of it we were feeling a little thirsty. We joined the end of the march but peeled off to Old Compton Street to spend the rest of the afternoon at the Soho street party. All the gang were there and we had a great time laughing and boozing. Sadly (for me not him or indeed his mum) Stu had to go to his mum's 60th birthday BBQ at 4pm but he was back later. We decided to stay in what with Stu's birthday drinks (see previous post) to look forward to.


  1. Hmmm,

    I think you're stalking me :-)
    We were at the PSB concert (I saw you there, but was too shy to say 'hi'), and we were on Regent's St opposite the pink balloons (just nr the former Dickens + Jones, nr the scaffolding)watching the parade too!


  2. "Too shy to say 'hi'" - tsk, tsk. I don't bite (unless asked).

  3. Anonymous12:55 pm

    Pride is all very well, but I was shocked to see Graham Norton in Triumph of The Will! (Set the slider to 58 seconds in.)


  4. Blimey. I know someone in these photographs too. From the breakfast party. How queer!


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