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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Blood Brothers...

Last Friday I took Stu, Andy and Kev to see the fantastic Blood Brothers at the Phoenix Theatre. Thrown in was dinner at Porters (all part of one of Lastminute.com's theatre and dinner deals). 'Starring' in Blood Brothers at the moment were Maureen Nolan and Andy Costa.

Stu thought the show should have been renamed 'Brookside: The Musical'. Andy and Kev were both rather emotional at the tragic storyline. And I got chatted up be a very flirty woman next to me who insisted on hitching her skirt up during the show because of the heat. So we were all in tears by the end.

Last time I saw Blood Brothers was a couple of years ago - so that's four times I've seen it now. I do like that show.

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  1. Hi there
    Saw Blood Brothers myself last week and agree with you it is indeed a fantastic show! It was my third time of seeing it. The dude from Blue played Mickey, which was an amusing concept... Until we saw him act. I thought he was really good actually!


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