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Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Triplets June 2006...

Mark and I went over to Ben and Sarah's last Saturday to watch the match and spend some time with the triplets. I stayed the night and on Sunday Ben, Sarah, Dylan, Eve, Lola and I all drove to my parents for lunch out in Welwyn. I was such a lovely weekend and naturally I took a gazillion pictures.

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  1. Anonymous1:48 pm

    What lovely photos of beautiful children. Forgive me for having missed the history, but I am assuming these are your brother's children and they are the result of IVF or other fertility treatment. (Sorry if that's none of my business!) Feeding etc seems quite a logistical operation, and they must be tremendous hard work and high maintenance. But what a wonderful blessing (in a non-specifically-religious way unless welcome...)!


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