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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Pet Shop Boys At The Tower...

Last night David took Pano, Stuart and I to see Pet Shop Boys at the Tower of London. Well, not exactly 'at' the Tower, more like in an open air concert in the moat. In was all part of the Tower of London Music Festival. The support act was Lorraine - a half-decent Norwegian electro-trio who wore black. With a black background. And had gangly arms and legs. But enough of them. It was a fab show.

There was real party atmosphere to the evening as we star spotted (Janet Street-Porter and David Walliams) and danced and sang along to Pet Shop Boys hits old and new; Left To My Own Devices, Rent, I'm With Stupid, Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money) and a fantastic mix of Minimal into Shopping to name but a few.

The staging was magnificent too as huge light boxes a la Celebrity Squares were wheeled about into different configurations as were giant cut-outs of the boys and the odd giant cowboy hat. Very Pet Shop Boys and very amusing. Actually.

A great show. A great band. A great night. Thank you, David.


  1. Anonymous9:15 am


    From the Guardian

    "It's an outdoor concert and the night is full of stars, but they're mainly watching the show, with the preponderance of shaven-headed Pimm's drinkers creating the illusion of being at London's biggest civil ceremony"

    David USM


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