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Friday, June 09, 2006

BPI: "We will not sue you for filling your iPod with music you have bought yourself"...

This from the BPI (British Phonographic Industry):

UK record companies' trade association the BPI this morning (June 6) gave oral evidence to the House of Commons Select Committee for Culture, Media & Sport inquiry into New Media and the Creative Industries. Leading the BPI team was Chairman Peter Jamieson, accompanied by BPI General Counsel Roz Groome and Mark Richardson, Managing Director of BPI independent member Independiente, the label behind Travis and Embrace.

BPI reassures consumers: “We will not sue you for filling your iPod with music you have bought yourself"

BPI Chairman Peter Jamieson was quizzed on the fact that the “all rights reserved” nature of British copyright law means that – without specific authorisation – any UK consumer who rips CDs they have bought in order to fill an iPod or other MP3 player is currently guilty of copyright infringement. “Traditionally the recording industry has turned a blind eye to private copying and has used the strength of the law to pursue commercial pirates,” he said.

“We believe that we now need to make a clear and public distinction between copying for your own use and copying for dissemination to third parties and make it unequivocally clear to the consumer that if they copy their CDs for their own private use in order to move the music from format to format we will not pursue them.”

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