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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Paddy's Triva Quiz at The Green...

Last night Mike, David and I went to The Green to take part in Paddy's Trivia Quiz. And guess what? We won! Sadly not the big money but a bottle of champagne.

Why not have a go yourself?

01. Where does gorgonzola come from?
02. What was Thor Heyerdahl's craft called for his 1947 Pacific crossing?
03. Which country has won Eurovision more than any other?
04. Which Spanish city hosts the famous bull run?
05. What is the proper name for German Measles?
06. What are the short Bavarian trousers better known as?
07. What is the highest mountain in Africa?
08. What is the chief export of Colombia?
09. What is the name of the large station built in New York in 1913?
10. What do the Americans call 2nd February which is also the name of a film?
11. What is the minimum age of a US President? A - 30, B - 35 or C - 40?
12. What do Americans call undertakers?
13. We asked 100 people to name five girls beginning with C. Name any two of the top five.
14. We asked 100 people to name something you put in your mouth. Name any two of the top five.
15. We asked 100 people to name things that come in pairs. Name any two of the top five.
16. We asked 100 people to name places where you hear sing. Name any two of the top five.
17. We asked 100 people to name things you open apart from a door. Name any two of the top five.
18. We asked 100 people to name people associated with an apple. Name any two of the top five.
19. How much on average does each man, woman and child spend of gambling in the UK each year? A - £8, B - £80 or C - £800?
20. Name the film that starred Michael Cain, Noel Coward and Benny Hill
21. What do the Greeks call a restaurant?
22. What is a male donkey called?
23. Who did Dame Judi Dench play in Shakespeare in Love?
24. What was interesting about Ron Austin's world record 6:23min mile in 1981?
25. What are the three rocks called that still stand off the Isle Of Wight that used to connect the island to mainland Britain?
26. How many houses are there in Downing Street? A - 3, B - 4 or C - 5?
27. What is the Earl Of Shrewsbury’s House now surrounded by?
28. What is the statue in centre of Piccadilly Circus?
29. What was the Roman name for Britain?
30. What long-running BBC series starred Siegfried, James and Tristan?
31. Where are the UK's Royal Botanical Gardens?
32. What was abolished in 1948? A - Hanging, B - Flogging or C - the Home Guard?
33. Where is The Royal Crescent - thirty great houses built in a gently curving terrace with huge columns?
34. What is Paul McCartney's wife's full name?
35. What can you pick up between 88 and 91 FM?
36. Who was British Prime Minister from 1970-1974?

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