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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Notes From Oz #7...

Fri 31
Pottered / Court House hotel for after work beers in garden / Zanzibar / Newtown Hotel with Davie / bumped into Russ and his flat mate Julian / no sleep!

Sat 1
Davie's birthday / mad taxi dash home for pancakes / gave D a video iPod so he can listen to music on way to college / Bondi Beach / posh nosh at Sean's Panaroma (sic) with Sue, Paul, Craig, Davie and me / Bondi Beach walk / C, D and I met Steve for drinks Newtown Hotel / Imperial Hotel / drag show(s) / dancing / 4am / v wobbly

Sun 2
Day in bed / Jak & Dakster / King St burgers / bumped into Aaron / early night / dreamt I was in Fraggle Rock the Musical but I got trapped in a cellar with hundreds of spiders at the audition and Aaron rescued me (go figure!)

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