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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War Of The Worlds...

Well, what a mighty struggle it was between two mighty foes last night. Naturally the best team won in the end. But it went right down to the wire. Arsenal vs. Villarreal? Oh no. I'm talking Earth vs. Mars. (Although I was getting regular text messages from my nearest and dearest. Roll on Paris!)

There's been much talk of Christmas in my world recently. On Monday night Stuart was talking about his recent Christmas do. Drew gave me a belated but rather lovely Christmas present on Sunday. And last night Paul gave me his Christmas present... which was a trip to Wembley Arena to see Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War Of The Worlds. I've long been a fan of the original disco concept album of JWMVOTWOTW - which has been in the UK charts for over 300 weeks and sold in excess of 13 million copies worldwide. But this was the first ever live production of the album. H.G.Wells meets disco meets Martian world tour.

And quite a spectacle it was: crashing, bashing, smashing action from opening scene to mind-bending climax. Full orchestra, 70s disco funksters, space ships, explosions, smoke, flashing lights and Richard Burton (resurrected and in fine fettle). So we got both cheese AND ham!

And a good result too. Earth 1, Mars 0


  1. Anonymous7:57 am

    so a good result all round. roll on 17th may.

  2. I'm trying to get tickets. But they are like gold dust.

    The chances of anything coming from Pires are a million to one he said...


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