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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Training Courses Are Like Buses...
I've worked in the same job for nigh on 16 years and never once been on a training course. Tomorrow I start my first followed by another of Monday and a continuation on Tuesday. Golly.

So tomorrow's mind-bender is: Dreamweaver MX Introduction which starts with the opening topic of 'Understanding the Internet'. What? All of it?

The two-dayer next week is: Finance for Non Financial Managers - which doesn't exactly fill my heart with joy. Accountancy taught by accountants. Yawn.

Which reminds we of a (fairly weak) gag: How can you tell if an accountant is an extrovert? (wait for it...) He stares at your shoes. Yes. Well. I did warn you it was weak. Maybe I'll make a good accountant after all.

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