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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Alison Moyet at the RFH...

Last night Paul, Simon, Charlie and I went to see Alison Moyet at the Royal Festival Hall. Paul had booked us a box which gave us an excellent view of both the stage and the auditorium - an auditorium packed with poofs and dykes aplenty. The gays do like Alf.

The staging was simple with keyboards, two guitars, drums and a stringed quartet. But it was Alf's voice we had all come to hear. And she did not disappoint. She would tenderly caress both classic love songs and defiant heartbreakers with equal vocal skill. Her range was amazing and style distinctive.

The show was to promote her last two albums, the most recent of which, Voices (a covers albums of classic love songs), has been the soundtrack to my life for the last few weeks.

To say I cried during the show would be putting it mildly. I blubbed like a baby more or less throughout. At one point, just after God Give Me Strength, I even had to leave my seat and go outside to compose myself.

Alf is a great, great performer. And it was a great, great show (sniff).

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