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Monday, May 16, 2005

Beers For A Busy Bee...

I've been rather busy of late. Socially that is. Keeping myself occupied you might say. With beer mainly.

Craig came to stay Wednesday so it was beers and Amateur Strip Night at BJ's White Swan. The Brazilian won - the Russian lost. As usual.
Thursday it was dinner with Craig and Paul and more beers and Central Station. Where, surprisingly, they had a stripper on. Quite how I found myself on stage... your guess is as good as mine.
Friday Craig and I went on a bar crawl to Comptons (bit boring), Bar Code (great fun) and the Hoist (rather empty but great fun).
Saturday Simon was over and after blubbing our hearts out to Dr Who (sniff) Paul, Simon, Craig and I went to Duckie. Lots of beers and Chinese Opera anyone?
On Sunday Dave came back from York so he, Craig and I headed off for beers at the RVT and ended up with beers at HMD. And surrounded by a wonderful bunch of friends. Thanks for the hug Tim.

Giving the liver a rest today.

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