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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Shop Till You Drop / Life’s a Beach / Party Till You Drop…
As Mark has been going to the gym most mornings Graham and I thought we’d do a bit of shopping. I say ‘a bit’ – I actually bought some t-shirts, a Polo cap and various items of underwear. We walked all over Sydney’s lovely downtown shopping district and stopped occasionally for beers and / or coffees.

In the afternoon the lovely Steve drove Mark, Graham and me to the beach. The beach was called La Peruse – and we did. Now how can I describe La Peruse? Well, it is not exclusively a gay beach (we did see ONE straight couple) and not exclusively a nudist beach (we did see one person was wearing flip-flops) - but you get the idea: it’s pretty much a gay nudist beach. We roasted just nicely in the sun.

Back home to shower and change we then met up with Tim, Andy, Andy, Kevin, Michael, Andy, Stuart in The Colombian before we all hiked went to Tim and Ross’s party ‘just around the corner’. The boys party was packed with delightful Aussies and some Brits – we power mingled our way through just about everybody and had a simple smashing time. Mark bailed on us quite early leaving the rest of us to pop into Manacle (Baracle?) for a quick one or two on the way home. Naturally it was straight home to bed afterwards.

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