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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Oh Laurie...

Laurie Anderson - The End of the Moon

18 - 21 May 2005 7.45pm Barbican Theatre
90 mins / no interval
£10 £12 £16 £21 £28 £35 + Superseat (Pay £5 more for a Superseat)

Bite 05:
Conceived and performed by Laurie Anderson
Who taught you what beauty is?
After the success of Happiness during BITE:03, master storyteller Laurie Anderson returns with The End of the Moon, the second in her trilogy of solo works. Part travelogue, part personal theories and dreams, Anderson weaves narrative and music; painting an expansive but deeply intimate picture of American culture. Drawing on her recent research and travels with NASA, The End of the Moon explores the tangled relationships between war, consumerism and spirituality.
"She's a master storyteller who uses the microphone as an instrument of intimacy, conspiracy and seduction." (The Chicago Tribune)

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