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Friday, March 21, 2003

Weller, weller, weller, huh. Tell me more, tell me more...
I bumped into Paul Weller on the way in to work this morning. He was getting out of a taxi with a couple of other chaps outside the Mayfair Intercontinental Hotel. When I say 'bumped into' what I really mean is I saw him but he didn't see me and I had to dodge to avoid hitting him. Not 'hitting him' in an I-hate-your-records-so-much-you-deserve-a-slap kind of way because I don't. I just had to side-step him. Side-step him because even if he had seen me I doubt that he could have moved in time anyway. He seems to have put on quite a bit of weight recently. So what I am saying? I nearly bumped into a podgy Paul Weller today.

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