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Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Speed Reading
Tomorrow I am going on an all day speed reading course.

Part of the process of learning to read more quickly and more effectively will require you to work with one of your own books. Please bring at least one and preferably two books which you have not read, but which you are interested in. The following guidelines should be of use:
The books should be:
- around 200 to 300 pages
- not yet have been read
- subjects which you are interested in

The books should NOT BE:
- fiction or other story format
- a biography or autobiography
- a reference book
- too technical (i.e. lots of formulae and data)

Books which have worked well for the exercises involved, include:
- books on business
- general readers on most subjects
- self help books

So what books do you think I should bring? Any suggestions?

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