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Monday, March 03, 2003

LloydsTSB stole our money...
Our bank stole £64 of our money and I only found out about it by chance.

I thought I'd take advantage of the fact that LloydsTSB bank accounts can now attract interest on the money in them (money? what money?) and upgrade our joint account (i.e. house account) from a Classic to a Classic Plus. Easy to do. You can do it on the interwebnet even. Just a single click. Only I couldn't. Turns out we don't have a Classic account but a Gold Service account. But we never asked for a Gold Service account. In fact we specifically asked for NOT a Gold Service account. GS accounts cost you £8 a month for benefits that we don't need or want. We just use that account for paying bills. LloydsTSB had converted it to 'Gold' without our knowledge or permission. When I found out I was livid - 10 minutes or so later as I stood in my local branch at the Customer Service desk literally shaking with fury. I explained the situation to them as calmly as I could but they look incredulous. They then kept me waiting for 20 minutes while they obviously checked out my story. Reluctantly they returned to me and the Bank Manager had the cheek to say, "You account was converted last July. We won't look for any evidence of you asked for the account to be converted to a Gold Service account. If you say you didn't ask for the conversion then we won't look for evidence to the contrary." I fumed, "I'd rather you look actually. But you won't find any 'evidence' because THERE ISN'T ANY! And what is it with this word 'evidence' anyway?" They put on their best smile and assured me that all the money would be refunded but offered no explanation or apology. I left in a less than happy frame of mind. Time to make an official complaint I think.

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