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Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Three sheets to the wind...
The beautiful Russian lady, L'Esqualita, was asking me yesterday what "three sheets to the wind" means.

It means "drunk". "Three sheets to the wind" apparently comes from the nautical expression "in full sail". More than three sheets (sails) indicate imminent keeling over as the steep angle to the water meant that a vessel could be about to capsize. So being "three sheets to the wind" in alcoholic terms means you're in danger of falling over.

Which got me thinking. There are hundreds of terms for being or getting drunk in the English language. More than there are terms for "snow" in Eskimo I'd be bound.

Here are some 700 odd that I found...

12 gauged, 3 quarts drunk, 3 sheets to the wind, 40 under, 86'ed, 9 sheets to the wind, about to chunder, airlocked, anesthetized, animated, annihilated, armchaired, armeisce, arsefaced, arse-holed, assed up, back teeth well afloat, badgered, banged-up, banjoed, barfelnugen, battered, bazookaed out of my endoplasmic reticulum, beer-gogglin', beery, befuddled, beltered, bent, beschmuddled, betty booped, Betty Ford-ed, beved up, bevied, biffed, binned, binnered, blacken'd, bladdered, blasted, blathered, blazed, blazooed, bleazin', blended, blind, blit, blithered, blitzed, blitzkrieged, blocked, bloody pissed, blootered, blotto, blotto'd, blown, blued, bluthered, boiled, boinked, bollixed, bollock-eyed, bollowed, bomb-boozled, bombed, bonkered, boofy blitzed, boogered up, boozy, boozed, Boris Yeltsin, both eyes in one socket, bottlestruck, boxed, brewed, bricked, bucked up, buckled, buckled, buggered, buicked, bulletproof, bumfuzzled, burgled, busheled, busted up, buttered, buttfaced, buzzed, buzzing, cabbaged, caked, Canadian, can't hit your ass with both hands, captained, carrying too much sail, carvered, cased, casters up, catching a heat, chootled, chopped, clattered, clobbered, clobstered, cocido, cocked, cocked off your ass, cock-eyed, comatose, comfortably numb, commode hugging, conked, cookin' with gas, cootered, cop-sluggin' drunk, corroded, crapped, crocked, crocodiled, crooked, cross-eyed, crumpled, crunk, crushed, cunted, curbed, cut, d.u.i.ed, dacked!, damaged, debacled, debauched, denatured, destroyed, diced, didn’t know your own name, dinged up, dingleberried, discombobulated, disorientated, diZZy, done, down the drain, down under, drank, dripping, dronken, drowned, drunk, drunk as 10 Indians, drunk as a bicycle, drunk as a fiddler's bitch, Drunk as a lord, drunk as a monk, drunk as a mule, drunk as a rat, drunk as a skunk, drunk as fuck, drunk like Sinatra, drunk till next sunday, drunk to the nines, drunker than a sack of assholes, drunker than a shithouse rat, drunker than a Southern Baptist Preacher at a High School Dance, drunker than a waltzing piss ant, drunker than Cooter Brown, easy, eatin' dirt, effed up, el whappo'd, elephants, elevated, embalmed, entre deux vins, eyes like piss holes in the snow, faced, faded, fallen down, farshnushked, feelin' pain free, feng shuied, filled with courage, fired up, fitzschnookered, five winos gone, fizzaded, fizzy, flambayed, flower-potted, flurbed, flush, flustered, fluthered, fluthered, flying in the dirt, fnarkled, foggy, folded, foobed, Fou, foxed, fractured, Franz Liszt, Frazzled, Fresh, fried, Fruit Looped, fubar, fubar'd, fuck faced, fucked, fucked up, fuckered, fuckfaced, fuddled, fueled, full, Full as a shuck, full as a state school hat rack, Full up to the gills, fully loaded, Fung Hoed, fup duck, Fuzzy, fwasted, fwazzed, gargled, gas'd, gashed, gassed up, gatted, gazompt'd, gee-eyed, giggly, gitted, glazed, glazed like a $3 whore, Goggle-eyed, gone, gone Canadian, goo goo eyed, gooched, goofied, googly, gooned, got a snootful, got the wobbly boots on, grass grabbin', graved, greased, groggy, gubbered, gut fucked, guts up, guttered, habuji, half cut, half in the bag, half in the wrapper, half-jigged, half-kicked in the ass, half-shaved, half-cut, halfway to Baghdad, hammered, hammied, happy, have a bit of a lean on, Hazy, heated, heavy drunk, heckled, helmetschmitted, hickory-smoked, hog whimpering, hog wild, hooched up, hooshed, hosed, housed, howling, humidified, hurt, illuminated, in a delicate condition, In a right jocker, in the bag, in the grip of the grape, in the ozone, in your cups, inebriated, inflaminated, intoxicated, invincible, invisi-blind, irish, jack assed, Jaegered, jagged, jaked, Jam-jarred, Jarred, Jimmy Hendrixed, Joe B'd, jolly, joused, juiced, kaiboshed, kalide, keemooed, kershnickered, kettled, keyed, knackered, knee walking, knee-walkin' pecker wavin' drunk, lagered up, laid back, lamped, Langered, langered, Langers, lappy legged, larruped, Lashed, lashed, lathered up, leathered, legless, less than vital, Levelled, licked (as in liquored up), liggidy-loaded, liquidated, liquored, lit, lit up, lit up like Christmas, liver-lubed, loaded, locked, looped, loose, lost in the sauce, lubed, lubricated, macked, mad with it, maggoted, maggotty, mangled, marinated, Mary Queen of Scots, mashed, Mellow, merloaded, merry, messed up, mingin, moistened, mollared up, monged, monkey assed, monstered, moonshined, mortal, mortalled, mouldy, mowed over, muddled, mulakered, mullered, mullocked, munted, muttonised (off me chops), Muzzy, Nevers a wit coming, newted, nicely boxed, nished, nissed as a pewt, noodled, Not in full possession of your faculties, not in Kansas anymore, Not the best, Not well, numb, obfuscated, obliterated, off my ringer, off my trolley, off tap, off the plank, off your ass, off your face, off your head, off your tits, oiled, on autopilot, on the beer scooter, on the turps, on tilt, ongeshnoshked, oodled, ork faced, ossified, out of it, out of my gourd, out of my tree, out of your face, out of your head, over refreshed, over served, packaged, pacté (French), painted, pants-shittin' drunk, paralytic, parkbenched, pasted, pedo, perked, pervin', pickled, pickled to the tonsils, pie-eyed, pie-faced, piffed, pished, piss-ass backwards, piss-ass drunk, pissed, pissed as a fart, pissed as a maggot, pissed as a mattress, pissed as a newt, pissed as a parrot, pissed up, pissitively possed, piss-tanked, pissy, pissy-eyed drunk, pist, pixelated, plastered , plastic, ploogooed, plotzed, plowed, plundered, pluttered, po na na'd, poleaxed, polished, polluted, poo poo'ed, popped, porcelain-ready, potted, power wasted, puddled, raddled, ranked, rare form, rat assed, rat faced, ratted, razzed, riding on a full tank, right sidewayed, rip roaring, ripe, ripped, ripped to the tits, rocked, rooted, rotten, rubbered, ruined, running on premium, sacked, sailin', sauced, saucey, schickered, schlitzed, schmaltzed, schnockered, schwacked, scoobied, scoopered, scrambled, scraped, screwed, scuttered, scuttled, seasoned, shackled, shattered, shedded, shellacked, shit babied, shit bombed, shit hammered, shit housed, shit licked, shit wrecked, shitbagged on the pemi, shitcanned, shitfaced, shittowed, shitty, shitty-ass-nasty, shnockered, shredded, shwallied, shwilly, sidewalk lickin' drunk, sideways, simmerin', skankers, skanky, skinned, skitted, skulled, skunked, slam hammered, slammed, slap-ass drunk, slaughtered, slightly less than perpendicular, slitted, sloppy, sloppy like soup, sloshed, slotted, smacked up, smackerooed, smashed, smoked, smothered, snatch't, snicker-doodled, snockered, snookered, snooted, snot-flying drunk, "snot-suckin, knee walkin, gutter sleepin drunk", soaked to the gills, sober impaired, soused, sozzled, spaghetti-headed, spangled, spanked, spannered, sparkling like the 4th of July, spaz-ratted, spent, splotched, squiffy, squirrely, steamed, steaming, stewed, stewed to the gills, stiff, stink whistled, stinken, stink'in, stinko paralytico, stinko'd, stinky drunk, stocious, stokered, stolichnyed, stonkered, stumblin', stupid, stupified, swacked, swallied, sweatin' stoli, sweaved, swerved, swilled, swizzled, tacoed, tajado, tanked, tanked up, tankered, tatered, tattooed, taxed, Ted Kennedy-ed, teetered, ten feet tall and bulletproof, terminated, the worse for wear, thrashed, three sheets to the wind, tiddly, tight, tile counting, time traveling, tippled, tipsy, tired and emotional, tit tickled, tits up, tizzed, to' up from the flo' up, toasted, toastified, toe-up, toilet huggin' drunk, toodled, toonst, tooted, toozered, tore back, tore up, torn, toshed, totalled, toxic, trampled, trashed, trashed out of my bracket, treed, trolleyed, trousered, tubed, twatted, tweaked, tweeter-myer'd, twisted, two sheets to the wind, Under the influence, under the weather, untidy, unwell, upside-down behind the telly, vision-impaired, waazey, waa-zooed, wacked, walking calamady, wanked hard, wankered, warped, washed, wasted, waxed, wazzed, wearin' sake goggles, wearing a big hat, wearing the wobbly boots, weeble wobbled, welched, well gone, well oiled, Wellied, Wellon, wet, wet as a wanker's whistle, whack-assed, whaled, what the fucked, wheelchaired, wheeled, wide, wined, wingdinged, wiped, Wipered, wire faced, wobbly, wobbly kneed, woozey, worked, wrecked, zambonied, zeroed, zinged, zipped, zoned, zonged, zonked, zooted.

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