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Thursday, February 13, 2003

Fitness First...
It had to happen. After months of pressure from my boyfriend, my boss, my doctor and my tummy against my waistband I've joined a gym. It wasn't just direct pressure alone that made me join either, no longer being a size 32" waist anymore was beginning to leave emotional scars too and theatening to cost me a small fortune in buying replacement pairs of jeans. And coupled with the fact that I now pant and puff after climbing even a short flight of stairs meant that the gym seemed the only honourable / sensible thing to do.

So yesterday was my Fitness First induction with the lovely Andy (think Simpson's McBain) and today I went for the first time all by myself: 10 mins running machine, 10 mins cross-trainer, 10 mins cycling machine and half an hour on four weight machines. And I feel better for it - albeit a bit achy.

The other up side to this is that my company let's me take time off work to go and even pays a fair proportion of the membership costs as well. And the gym has a free DVD/video library too. So maybe I'll stick to this one a bit longer than the last. Maybe.

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