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Saturday, February 15, 2003

But you can decide whether I suck or not for yourself....
Hi Jonathan,
I just wanted to ask you nicely to take a look at my site, as I've greatly enjoyed yours. (Also made me think about redesign, but I am in Paraguay...) Maybe even give me a link as I'm sure you have twenty (thousand) times the visitors I do (violins). It's a travel diary, which - I am told - differs from a blog in a couple of ways. I think these are that it's updated weekly rather than daily, tends to be much longer and doesn't make much use of links. Still, I may be wrong. I am also told that it's rather better than the average. But you can decide whether I suck or not for yourself. Even if you can't be bothered to wade through my banal verbal bilgewater are lots of nice pictures too, including penis gourds and big stone penises (at a fertility temple, still I get a lot of surfers looking for fruitier suff) the big jars of laos, the big heads of easter island, dog eating and dried llama foetuses. All manner of freaky imagery from the globe's stranger corners Sadly, I suspect these are rather more popular than the writing. Tant pis. Anyway:
All on http://www.rhymer.net
diary: http://www.rhymer.net/traveldiaryoptions.htm
photos: http://www.rhymer.net/thumbnails.htm
Cheers, Rhymer Rigby

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