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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Porto Sightseeing…

Yes, Stuart, we do have to come here together on a non-footie trip. Lots to do and see and eat and drink! I think you’ll love it. 

As it was, I’m here on an Arsenal away day by myself so a scouting mission was in order. And to that end, yesterday was a full-on tourist day. 

Darce joined me on the tour too (ostensibly to avoid boozing all day - but that didn’t work out did it Darce?!) - as our guide Francisco showed me the wonders of Porto. 

Lion square, the nunnery, numerous churches, the police horse stables (I’m sure I’ll be seeing more of our four-legged friends at the game tonight!), the prison, the magnificent bell tower, the cathedral, the station, a wine tour (oops), a ‘locals’ restaurant for lunch, and finally the six bridges river boat tour.  

Nine hours in total - exhausting but great fun. 

In the evening we found a posh steak place. They took a bit of a shine to us when we told them we were gearing up for the footie Wednesday night so we got free drinks. 🍷 😂

Skipped the late night boozing as today will probably be a bit of a sesh. ⚽️🔴⚪️🍻

I like Porto. 

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