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Monday, February 05, 2024

Arsenal 3 - 1 Liverpool…

If Arsenal had lost yesterday, we would have been eight points adrift from leaders Liverpool. And probably have seen our title chances all but over. 

Only we didn’t lose. We won. In a frankly sensational afternoon of football.

We played better in the first half than the Scousers and deservedly were one nil up after about 14 minutes. Take a bow Saka. 

Our joy was muted though when a ridiculous own goal just before half time levelled the scores. It was as sickening as it was stupid. Take a bow Gabriel.  

To make things worse, the Scousers came out in the second half with a renewed vigour and Arsenal had to battle hard to control the game. 

Luckily, Liverpool know how to make stupid mistakes too though and their adept keeper’s flick meant Martinelli could tap home to make it 2–1 in the 67th minute. 

It only remained for Trossard to secure a third two minutes into extra time and the Emirates went crazy. 

A truly sensational win. 

The only sour point was perhaps that so many yellow cards rained down like confetti in the second half. For a referee that seemed to let so many fouls go unpunished earlier in the game he certainly wanted to make up for lost time. 

Still, that win puts us right up in the mix for the title. 

The celebrations went on well into the evening at the Blackstock.

Onwards and upwards, my friends. 


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