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Sunday, February 25, 2024

Arsenal 4 - 1 Newcastle…

Thanks to everyone who came along to the meet up before the game and also to those who join us afterwards to celebrate. 

There was a score to settle last night. We had misfired at St James’ Park last November. But boy, did the Gunners let loose both barrels at those flapping Magpies at the Emirates. 

In sharp contrast to their Champions League performance in Porto during the week, our boys came out with an intensity, a commitment, a determination, and an aggression. And the goals followed. 

After Botman’s own goal after 18 minutes, we saw Havertz score after 24’, Saka after 65’ and Kiwior at 69’.  Another big win and clean sheet was on the cards, right?

Step forward Walthamstow’s finest Joe Willock to spoil our dream in the 85th minute though! The turncoat! 😂

So that’s six wins in a row in the league for our boys in red. 

I’m going to say it now…. We are going to win it this year! 

Onwards and upwards, my friends.

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