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Wednesday, November 22, 2023

The Witches @ Olivier Theatre…

Last Thursday night Stuart, Steve and I went to see The Witches at the Olivier Theatre on London’s glitzy South Bank.   

Here Roald Dahl dark comic novel has been reimagined as a big old family musical adventure.

Everything you know about witches is wrong. Forget the pointy hats, hooked noses (thank you for swerving that problematic characterisation Lyndsey Turner) and broomsticks: here they’re the most dangerous creatures on earth. In a pantomime way of course.   

And they’ve come up with their most evil plan yet. Turn every child in England into mice.   

The only thing standing in their way is Luke and his Gran. But he’s ten and she’s got a dodgy heart. Time is short, danger is everywhere, and they’ve got just one chance to stop the witches from squalloping every stinking little child in England.  

It was great fun. Very funny book and lyrics by Lucy Kirkwood, and great music and lyrics by Dave Malloy.   

Stand out turn of the night though was Luke’s posh friend Bruno who on a sugar rush performs a show-stopping, tap-dancing song and number that would put anything from Crazy For You To Shame.   

A Christmas show for kids and adults alike.

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