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Monday, November 06, 2023

Newcastle 1 - 0 Arsenal...

Poor performance by us on the pitch on Saturday at St James' Park to be honest, we only had one shot on goal. And yes, it is perhaps easy to point fingers at some of our own, but the biggest finger should be pointed at the series of seemingly woeful VAR decisions that sealed our fate. That goal should never have stood.
And some of those so called 'pundits' who think we are just crying over spilled milk can do one.
VAR is causing a lot of upset at the moment and I have a feeling more managers will be speaking out soon. 
That said, the away vibe was good. The GGs all had fun painting the town RED in more ways than one.
Although on Sunday the epic journey home for many Arsenal fans (train disruption) didn't do much to lift the morning-after-the-night-before mood much.
Onwards and upwards my friends. We go again Wednesday on more familiar turf. #COYG

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