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Sunday, June 25, 2023


 Stuart and I took two long walks over the weekend.

The first was a fabulous 11 mile walk on Saturday morning with walking buddies Denise and Kerry in deepest darkest glitzy Essex. It took us 4 hours. We ended up in a pub of course. 😎

And then Stuart and I walked the 10 miles from Hertford to Welwyn. We were heading to Welwyn for a family lunch at Myrtle's and there were engineering works on the train line beyond Potters Bar so a walk seemed like a nice alternative. The Hertford - Welwyn route was mainly along the disused railway track that used to pass through Cole Green.

Mid-walk (come 10am, 2 hours in) we stumbled upon my old drinking haunt from 40 years ago - The Cowper Arms. We just popped in for a glass of water. And they INSISTED we have a beer on the house! Honest! 🤣

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