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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

(Don't) Drop The Dead Donkey...

A young lad buys a donkey for £100, but when the farmer delivers it, the donkey is dead and the farmer has spent the money. 
"I'll take it anyway and raffle it off" says the boy. 
"You can't raffle a dead donkey" says the farmer.
"Yes I can, I just won't tell them it's dead" says the boy. 
A month later the boy meets the farmer at a market and he asked what happened with the raffle. 
"I sold 500 tickets at £2 a ticket and made a tidy profit." 
"Didn't anyone complain?" says the farmer. 
"Yes", the kid replies 
"Just the guy who won... so I gave him his £2 back."
"So that was £1000 in, minus £100 out for the dead donkey, and £2 refund. So a total of £898 profit". 
I think the lad must be working at my bank these days.

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