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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

My Energy Box Is Completely Dead…

Every iPhone / iPad user knows this, right? But just in case you don’t, or you are my beloved mum in a panic at 6am this morning…

Having an iPad or iPhone not recharging is a fairly common problem and often has a very easy solution that you can do yourself. 

Using a paper clip (or if you are idiot like me, a needle). 

Sometimes dirt and dust can get caked in the charging port of the iPhone/iPad requiring an implement to clear it out. 

1. Look inside the port for any caked-on dust or dirt. If you can't see inside, try shining a flashlight into it.
2. Uncurl the paperclip into a long bit of wire and insert it into the port. Try to remove any large pieces of lint or dust in the port — you might need to very gently scrape along the metal contacts at the bottom of the port. Gently!
3. Once you have removed any lint or dust the Apple charging cable should work again. 

Ta-dah!  Or in my case, one happy parent.
Update: She was convinced her iPad was dead. Was going to pay someone a fortune to replace the battery. Er, hold your horses old girl.

Inserted paperclip.

She’s got it humming like a van de graaff generator now.
BTW you can see the battery health on Apple devices too. Go to Settings / Battery / Battery Health & Charging / Maximum Capacity. Mine is at 80% but keeps its charge fine.

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