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Monday, January 09, 2023

David Sedaris @ The Tabernacle : Review -> Warning: rude jokes!

(**Warning: rude jokes below**)
Last Saturday night Stuart and I went to listen to David Sedaris, that masterful man of letters, read to us at The Tabernacle in London's glitzy Ladbrook Grove.
Before the show we bumped into Iain in the pre-show holding pen along with his friend Steve. We might have queue-jumped too. Oh, the shame.
Sedaris is ostensibly Radio Four-friendly, and indeed we were attending a recording for his latest upcoming R4 show "Meet David Sedaris" (episode 50 as it happens), but he does have a potty mouth on him too.
So inbetween his usually drole musings for the radio on familiar bonding, politics, litter collection, book-signings, his relationship with his boyfriend Hugh, death, and insect disection we were treated to some pretty ripe jokes (see below). At the end the show he also gave us some readings from his diary and a Q&A.
It was great night out and we laughed alot.
And those ripe jokes?  Strap yourself in!
The first was a story he was told about some graffiti he saw in Los Angeles.
A daubing of BLACK LIVES MATTER on a wall had been doctored to add an extra O. 
And these are from his previous readings...
A woman told him a story about going to see her gynaecologist.
Doctor: Madam, you have a large vagina. Madam, you have a large vagina.
Woman: OK, OK, no need to repeat yourself.
Doctor: I didn't.
Two women in a restaurant.
First woman: How's it going with your boyfriend?
Second woman: He's afraid of the C word.
First woman: Cunt?
(shocked pause)
Second woman: Commitment!
A man told a story of him and a friend walking past a tramp on a street corner.
The tramp pleaded to the passing men, "I just need an extra 25p for a cheeseburger."
The man's friend replied, "Have it without the cheese!"
A man and his son came up to David Sedaris while signing his books and the boy said proudly, "I've got a joke."
"Go on then", says David.
"What is nice on a pizza but not on a pussy?"
Rather shocked at the young boy's language David said, "I don't know. Mushrooms? Melted cheese?"
"A crust", said the boy.
OK, you get the picture.

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